Freitag, 10. Oktober 2008

Riverbend goes Theatre!

Hello to everybody,

As I often mentioned, here in Germany they got a wrong idea, a out-of-joint picture of Iraq. Another proof is that Riverbend's blog was changed to a piece in a theatre in Germany (in German only).

I don't need to repeat that there is nothing similar remembering the Iraqis who died under Saddam. Iraq's movie "Schindler's list" is still in the pipe.

I always look whether an author of this vein has written something about Iraq prior to 2003. This is not often the case.

The writer "John von Düffel" who also wrote a piece "Born in the RAF" (The RAF cooperated with the Baath in the Seventies) seems to have no clue about Iraq, but when everybody is entitled to speak about Iraq, (but not the Iraqis, of course), when everybody feels the obligation to speak against the Bush, Blair and the good old Saddam times, well done.

Maybe, someone should tell Riverbend about this piece of theatre, for copyright reasons.

Honestly, I'm in such an anger about this guy, if I would have something to say, I would like to see him kidnapped like Eichmann and tried in Iraq for pleasing supporter of the Baath party or for being silent on the crimes of Saddam. In Germany, they have a law for this. What would happen if I start a programme like this but moulded on Germany with its past?