Sonntag, 4. November 2007

Do we want this? - II

Do we want this?

Well, the 'so-mature', 'so-loveable' and so cultural and so literal and so tolerant Lebanese people have interstingly some sort of apartheid.

There is no other word to describe this. Everyone has only business with his own sect.

It is for me easier to negate any Secterian popular feeling in Iraq if I compare this to the Iraqi situation - what is outstanding in Iraq and rather an exception to the rule (that Iraqis feel as one people) seems to be the rule & normality in Lebanon.

Well, at least something that makes me 'proud' to be an Iraqi!

Okay, that was one of Lebanese bad sides but here we find a reason why Lebanon is so loved - for its beauty

Both set of pics from this website:


nadia n hat gesagt…

FYI those photos aren't real, they're from a Lebanese ad campaign against sectarianism.

nadia n hat gesagt…