Samstag, 12. Juli 2008

Time of the Turncoats ?

The first German member of a government arrived yesterday in Baghdad.

Wow, maybe that was a surprise for the German public, but it wasn't a surprise for readers of, where it was announced several days ago - due to the new found friendship of other states to Iraq.

Maybe they had to repeat the mantra "secret for security reasons" ad nauseam to keep up the negative image German media likes so much of Iraq.

What to say from an Iraqi standpoint about this trip?

Well, it's very much telling that Germany's economy minister came to Baghdad, not the Foreign minister, a staunch supporter of the foreign policy of Schröder (or as my father called him: Saddam Schröder), quite the different thing from what his French colleague did. Maybe he is a bit busy with another American.

Here are my conclusions:
1. Iraq is not a market for German drill machines or other stuff of "dual use" like the gas factories provided by German companies. Not to forget this case. And after all, it was German-state sponsered poison gas that led to the conviction of several companies, but not for crimes like selling WMD to a dictator, no, not all. Companies like KOLB GmbH were punished for breaking a trade law - and that's not a crime, just an infraction. You know, killing Iraqis is in German eyes not a crime, just an infraction.
2. The German public should come to terms with the fact that Iraq is not the avantgarde of arabism nor the pin-up girl for Germany's own anti-imperalistic sentiments. Guys like this one should stop applauding the resistance! ( A very good review of this man from an Iraqi Christian is found here, but only in German.)
3. The last point is hard to swallow for the German Socialdemocrats, a party that fought the Nazis at least with a bit of courage, but turned finally under Schröder to a party for protection of dictators as seen in this case.
4. Interstingly all the right-wing bashers of the 80's who ran on a platform of contempt against asylum seekers (Iraqis, too), seem to be more ready to cooperate with Iraq. And I don't think only for business interests or due to American policy, maybe they came to term with the idea of a "greater Middle East".
5. Last but not lest, all the state should stop making lifes for Iraqis difficult in Germany, stop putting them in camps for asylum seekers, stop making trouble about residency and and and . I read about a case of an Iraqi-German boy, called Samir al-Ayash, who lived with his Iraqi father and wanted to go to his German mother but was refused German citizenship, because his mother (not his father) is German. I'm sure, Iraqis of all colours will return sooner than later to Iraq, even Iraqi Christians.

==> Iraqis, beware of the Turncoats !
  • Unless there is a true understanding between both peoples, not crossed by fantasies of 10001 nights and Mein Kampf, Iraq should avoid Germany politically and just accept the following:
  • Iraq should learn as much as possible from the Germans.
  • German companies can make their money for this, but Iraqis shouldn't be depend on them.
  • When the Germans' job is done, please leave our country. This is the saying we're hearing since we came here.
  • To cut it short: Just like the Chinese way, copy and paste until Iraqis know it by themselves.
  • Iraqis should be very aware that their country is the ideological waste disposal site of Germany, in any regard. So Iraqis should take the useful from Germany and send back the useless things like resisting the empire or reading "mein kampf" or or or.
  • We all should be aware for all these Aflaqs, Todenhöfers or Tariq Ali's who want us to send to fight for Palestine, Great Arabistan or Kashmir and all the empty slogans Iraq was crucified under the past 50 years. After all, there were times here, where money was collected in German universities for the "Iraqi resistance". Or just stop thinking Saddam was the best man for Iraq.
  • Iraq should win against Germany in soccer. They won't forget this lesson for at least 50 years, he he he.
There are a lot of things at odds between Germany and Iraq, I don't know any Iraqi in Germany who likes to be in Germany. It's not that I'm asking for the return of this truly Iraqi building or that. But a lot of people, especially Academics, the so-called elite, the intelligentisa, have to reflect about their attitude

Why turncoats? One can see that Germans are sometimes ready to make business with the devil and still being extremely ethical at the same time to the point of hypocricy.

P.S.: I'm starting to wonder whether the German minister had to keep his trip to Bagdad secret not for security reasons on behalf of Iraq and Iraqis but out of fear of Germans and Germany.


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