Donnerstag, 25. Februar 2010

What is wrong with Iyad Allawi ?

What is wrong with Mr. Iyad Allawi ?

People like him, in his age, people from the "perverse generation" who dreamt of glory and money and drowned our beloved IRAQ in a sea of tears and blood, well, they are the reason for the misery we, Iraqis, we all suffered.

According to him, Iraq can not be an "American style " democracy and needs a strong man. ( Here is a link about it )

Well, maybe he thinks democratic countries are all the same with the same institutions, and maybe he lacks the fantasy of imaging an Iraqi democracy (which existed in Iraq a long time ago, a very long time), but Iraqis are not apes to mimic America or Jarabstanis with their one-man leadership (look at dynastic republics like egypt.).

Every country that tries to be a democratic one will look for things in its own history to adapt it for its own democracy and it will look in other countries to 'translate' (lat. trans - over and late from latus, that is Latin 'side'). It is about "naql" and not "tergume'.

And sorry, Iraq does not need men who claim to be strong. The last man with this claim climbed out like a rat out of his hole. Maybe Allawi should not forget this. And his desire for a strong man is just a camouflage for his desire to be this strong man. With baathists it is always the same: they just hate each other when there is no place for one of them in the room. Put 100 Baathists on an island and one year later, you will find only one, the rest is dead.

So Iyad Allawi, you were also a classmate of my father, maybe you should start with history lesson instead of continuing to bully Iraq like you did in earlier times.

And the best proof that de-baathification didn't work yet, is the presence of this man on the stage. I remember seeing him on CNN telling his story as a baathi in the sixties. Well that guy kidnapped the dean of Bagdad university and without feeling sorry or ashamed he told it so to the reporter. Well, ya Allawi, if you don not feel sorry after 30, 40 years, even the devil can not help you.

That is wrong with you, Mr. Allawi, after 30 years, you did not change. Iraqis yearn for change, but how shall Iraq change, when Iraqis do not change themselves ? And why should an analphabetic shrooqi or peasant change his own behaviour that gave rise to all the little saddams in our history, when the great leaders of our country do not even try it ?

IRAQ does not need no saddam, no allawi or saddoomi or sadr or chelebi. go to the anti-imperalistic left or to chavez or the jarabstanis or the orient researcher to be part of their wet, weird dreams of primitive barbarians yearning for a dictator.

When will the rule of the serseriye will be over in Iraq ? And Iyad Allawi is also a serseri, that is all. Iyad allawi, inta shinu 7atta tabi3 el-3raq el-7abib 3la siniya lil umah al-3arabi. 7atta takhad al-taj min id misr wa la min id al-su3udiya. inta shinu ?

My dream team for the elections is Alusi, Al-Malaki and, of course, Ayad Jamal al-Din (an Ayad, I prefer much more). Unfortunately one can not split one's own vote.

I have also passed my great exam, el-imtihan el-36eem, so i hope to write more in the next time. i have also found some new answers to the question "how did pre-Islamic Iraq turn to an Islamic one?", so I ask all readers for a bit of patience. and I hope also to bring up new ideas for a norm of the Iraqi tongue to make a fully sophisticated language out of it.

You should also check out the updates about Iraq's elections on Memri by Nimrod Raphaeli who happens to be an Iraqi jew (with a Babylonian name, wow, I would give one of my eyes for such a name ;))


MixMax hat gesagt…

very interesting Allawi-bashing article, however, I might disagree with you on whether Iraq needs a strong man or not - not that I am going to vote for Allawi or any other, but in my opinion, Iraq needs a strong man, at least for the moment, because a strong man will unite all shattered powers we see after 2003. The strong man will be the figure for people to look at and to blame, indeed to praise too.
I am sure you know what I mean and that I am not referring to another bloody dictatorship like Saddam's, but the chaos Iraq experienced since the fall of the previous regime needs one person to put discipline, which is the first thing Iraqis looking for to restore order and to live peacefully.
Whether Allawi is the one who can depict what I am saying, that remains to be seen, if he gonna win the elections, yet, I don't see that in Maliki either having the fact that he was given the chance and failed in the past four years to restore order and the most simple basic services to simple Iraqi village - now you know that I am not voting for Maliki :)

By the way, I find it interesting the triangle of Alusi, Jamal Al-Din and Al Maliki, even that I would substitute the last name with someone else to strengthen such a triangle.

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