Montag, 8. Oktober 2007

Abraham the Nazist / ابراهم البعثي

I often ask myself why are we Iraqis the way we are. So let's go to the bottom of the barrel and start where the history starts:

Once in a time a shepard went off from a town called Uruk and was told by God who wanted to test him for his obedience to slaughter his son (ismael or isaak depends on your religion). Yes, what a test! what a god!

I remember Saddam giving a medal to a father who betrayed his son plotting to kill the tyrant. I remember this man saying he would be proud if his Leader would have ordered him to kill his father. Similar stuff was said by this guy in Jerusalem. (I didn't found any links in the web to quote them all three).

When human respect is disintegratin’ This whole crazy world is just too frustratin’

And when kids are ready to be slaughtered, no wonder
we're in the state we are. These are all
experiences I also lived through.
On the other hand, even people had pity with Saddam for
that kind of (step) father
who kicked the living daylights
out of his little son.
I mean people have pity with
Saddam for this guy, what kind of
guy Saddam's step-father has

That leads to the question of being a child in the Middle East. For another post.

Back to the topic: I was glad to found that a German art professor, Bazon Brock, called Abraham "the first Fascist" [only in German]. Well that's all the same, and so is "ابراهم البعثي" the best Iraqi translation.


perry1961 hat gesagt…

Abraham was definately the worlds first known deadbeat dad. He kicked Ishmael and his mother to the curb with nothing but a pouch of water. The kid still attended his old mans funeral,which is more than I would have done.

Iraqi Mojo hat gesagt…

gilgamesh, congratulations on your new blog! I like it!

Abraham, the first fascist?? How blasphemous! LOL, you never were shy about controversial statements, gilgamesh. Very interesting.

Anand hat gesagt…

Gilgamesh, your students await your tutelage. But I like the prophet Abraham, may peace be upon him.

Do you live in Germany?