Mittwoch, 24. Oktober 2007

The day I went to war - III

I will close this chapter with a final story of a young man fighting Americans in Iraq, it is a story I heard from friends: This man from Pakistan, with a German passport, in his twenties, felt one day the obligation to fight the Americans in the pre-war situation. He decided to enlisten in the Iraqi Army in Amman and travelled to Iraq. After basic trainings, one day he and two foreign soldiers were sent by their Iraqi officer in between the war lines. On the one side the Iraqis, on the other side the Americans advancing and three young non-Iraqi man in between in their 'bunker', a hollow concrete tube. It was obvious that the three were just cannon fodder for the Iraqis.

End of story: a bomb was dropped, the three were killed in their tube and the Americans advanced up to Baghdad. All these things were reported by German officials to his family.

Just two points: First, why does every John Doe or Ali al Foulani feel the obligation to defend us? Haven't we got hands to defend and mouths to cry for help?

Second, all the reactions of Iraqis were concentrated on surviving the transition between Saddam's rule and the American's arrival in the war, no one dared to show one's refusal to defend Saddam but no one dared to resist the Americans' march to Baghdad. Saddam wasn't backed up by his very people! That should teach a lesson to every one who think he could decide what's best for Iraqis either Europeans like Schröder or Chiraq or Americans like Biden or Baker by proposing to get help by Arabs or maintain dictatorship or partition etc.

We could really make a map like the one on my side bar with the origin of suicide bombers killing in Iraq Iraqis (they call it help, liberation or resistance), so I just say:

Iraq is for Iraqis, that's all!


Iraqi Mojo hat gesagt…

Good point, gilgamesh. If Iraqis wanted to defend Saddam, the Iraqis would have actually FOUGHT the Americans!

RhusLancia hat gesagt…

They only fought for Saddam when he had no real chance of getting his throne back.